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In Madrid we have obtained numerous mortgage loans in very favorable conditions for our clients. About 20% of users interested in a mortgage arrive from Madrid. Our mortgage partners have been selected based on criteria of professionalism and effectiveness and will analyze your case online and in person. We are experts in getting mortgages in Madrid in 2019.

If you do not settle for the first mortgage offered by the bank, on the following button and receive information without obligation:

What mortgages can we offer you in Madrid?

What mortgages can we offer you in Madrid?

Although each case is a world and mortgage conditions may vary, one of our main collaborators in Madrid has agreements with different financial entities that allow it to offer the following mortgages in Madrid ( conditions updated to January 2018 ):

Why apply for mortgages in Madrid with Good Finance?

  • Processing a mortgage with a mortgage broker selected by us involves a cost of fees, if the mortgage is signed. Why am I interested in requesting information online?
  • The request for information does not imply any commitment . If the mortgages we offer do not meet your expectations, you do not continue with the processing.
  • Our collaborators in Madrid can assist you in person when you need it, so that the service is perfect and personalized.
  • Our experience and negotiation capacity, the result of our knowledge of the mortgage market and the volume of mortgages that we sign, allow us to offer you mortgages in better conditions than the ones you will get by going directly to the banks.
  • You will save a lot of time and headaches : put the hands of independent professionals on the most important financial decision of your life.

The CEO of Good Finance, Pau A. Monserrat , has been working in the mortgage market since 2006 as a freelancer and knows banking and its mortgage offer very well. His work as a personal financial disseminating economist jumped to the general public after his first appearance in Salvados de laSexta in 2012. Since that day he has not stopped helping bank clients improve their negotiating capacity with banks. If the mortgages we offer are not good for you, they are not good for Good Finance.

Price of housing in Madrid

Price of housing in Madrid

According to the Idealista price report, in Madrid municipality , the average price of second-hand housing has gone from 4,315 euros / m2 (maximum reached in 2007) to 3,087 euros / m2 (third quarter 2013 report), a cumulative fall in the value of real estate of 28.5%.

If we take another very relevant report, that of Fotocasa, places the average price of the Community of Madrid at 2,377 euros / m2 (third quarter 2013 report). The municipality with the highest average price is Pozuelo de Alarcón, where on average a second-hand property amounts to 3,130 euros / m².

If we follow the data provided by the Ministry of Development, in its statistics for the third quarter of 2013, the General Index of Housing Prices in the Community of Madrid rises 0.3% year-on-year.

Mortgage installment in Madrid

Mortgage installment in Madrid

The Real Estate Registry Statistics of the third quarter of 2013, of the Registrar’s Association, seems to notice a slight positive trend in the price of brick: « the price of housing, calculated according to the index of housing prices for repeated sales of the same property , based on the Case and Shiller methodology, fell 5.35% year-on-year during the third quarter of 2013. In comparison with the previous quarter, it experienced an increase of 0.91%. From the maximum reached in the bull cycle, the accumulated adjustment is 31.07%. Current prices are at levels similar to those reached in mid-2003 «.


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