Where to get a home loan?

Housing loans are available from all Polish banks, all you have to do is read the details of the product you are interested in and you can apply. These products are granted for a very long period of time, because even a dozen or so years, the sums are high, so to reduce the installment it is spent in time.


Best offer to meet home loan requirements

Best offer to meet home loan requirements

Itt is worth paying attention to some important details such as interest rate, also in the case when we take into account credit cards, commission for the bank, how to pay the loan, as well as in which currency to take it, as there is a possibility foreign currency lending not necessarily in PLN. In order to attract the largest number of customers from month to month, banks reduce interest rates, without worrying about the prevailing crisis, they are very willing to distribute such products, even in foreign currency, the interest rate on such loans has also dropped significantly, which is obviously beneficial for the borrower.

Own contribution such a consolidation loan becomes even cheaper

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you can also negotiate interest rates, but not everyone knows about banking regulations, so usually accepts the bank’s proposal. The year 2009 was a crisis year, at present the institutions have concluded that the current economic situation has improved and they can afford to lower interest rates to tempt customers into debt. Interest rates are going down, currency loans are getting cheaper, so more and more often mortgages are becoming an interesting offer. Having no insight into this type of products, and how to arrange them on favorable terms, it is best to seek the help of professionals, because credit advisors know the best and will help you arrange a loan in a bank that will be cheap and meet the requirements related to real estate. Not every bank finances the whole, some branches only offer 70, 80 percent of the value of the property and this amount is not always enough in addition if you do not have savings. The best housing loans are those that will cover the whole, and sometimes you can get extra cash for a complete finish or for renovation.


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